Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Great Deal on Dell Desktop

dell inspironIf you are looking to buy a desktop computer this summer, Dell might just have the deal you've been looking for. The Dell Inspiron 580s Core i5 Dual Core 2.93GHz desktop is now on sale through July 31st. When you use the coupon code ?8CN$RJ?W5TQ0C you will get $199 off the original price of the computer plus free shipping.

The Inspiron 580s comes standard with a very fast i3 processor, HDMI port, 320 GB hard drive, and decent 3D performance. Also thrown in is a 15-month subscription to MacAfee Internet Security.

For merely $629.99, you can have this fast, easy to use desktop computer. The Dell Inspiron 580s is a fantastic deal that you should definitely look further into.

If a Dell just doesn’t suit you, the you should check out Gateway's ZX Series or maybe Apple's iMac.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gizmodo iPhone 4G Fail

Gizmodo Iphone 3G not 4G
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So here we have an ad on Gizmodo playing off the stereotypical college graduate who has an extremely refined taste in beer and is also aimed at their fathers who are looking to buy them something shiny, new, and expensive. While the pitch is hilarious in itself, what really got me was this sentence and the picture chosen to accompany the ad.

"No one can be sure what the fourth generation iPhone will look like (oops! actually, we can)..."

Oops, actually, you can't Gizmodo. That's because you're using an outdated picture of the iPhone 3G instead of the iPhone 4G you are advertising. If I paid $10,000 for that iPhone, I would make pretty darn sure that I was using the correct picture for it.

You can see the original advertisment on Gizmodo's Grads & Dads Gift Guide by clicking on the photo of the iPhone.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Shutdown Timer App for Your Computer

shutdown timer appThe Shutdown Timer app is perfect for you if you don’t have the time to worry about whether or not you shut off your computer or not. The timer will shut down or reboot your computer whenever you set it to perform such actions. You can set it to do this based on CPU or RAM utilization or even CPU temperature. You can either put your computer into sleep or standby mode. Shutdown Timer can really help to save energy when you aren’t utilizing your computer.

Shutdown Timer runs on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. With the program, you are able to install a sidebar app that gives you single-click access to view Shutdown Timer, and you are able to use a portable version that can be dropped on a USB flash drive to be downloaded on a different computer.

Once Shutdown Timer is installed, you are given the ability to set a scheduled computer shut off time for every day of the week. You also may set it to reboot every day at a certain time or lock on its screen at certain points throughout the day. This is a great feature if you want to make sure that your computer will be turned off when you aren’t at home.

As mentioned before, you can set your computer to shutdown or reboot when certain conditions occur. For example, you can set your computer to shutdown or reboot when you reach a certain point of CPU or RAM utilization. Also, you can do the same thing if your computer is overheating because of something that you are not there to monitor. This can help to safely power down your computer without any possible damaging effects.

The Shutdown Timer app is a very handy tool. It can do more than just turn your computer on and off when you need it to, it can monitor your computer while you are not utilizing it. Another great thing is that its free! If you’re looking for anything like this for your computer, then you should definitely check it out.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Discussing the Computer Technician Resume

Introduction of the Job

Computer technicians are becoming increasingly important as the business, educational, and legislative sectors are all becoming more dependent on the establishment, and maintenance of computers and software. Computer technicians can hold a variety of responsibilities such as working in a repair center to service damaged or defective computer hardware and software and working in an assembly line to build computers and hardware components. They can also work at a help desk to assist customers through email, phone calls or real time online support with their computer or software issues. There positions require the ability to troubleshoot issues regarding hardware, software, operating systems and other external peripherals such as printers.

Key Responsibilities

Help desk based computer technicians are responsible for assisting customers with whatever questions they may have regarding computer platforms and software that are supported by the employer. Computer technicians must therefore be well versed and familiar with all aspects of the products their employer supports so that they can assist customers accurately, effectively and quickly. They are working in repair centers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing software and hardware components. Regarding defective hardware and external computer components, he or she must be able to diagnose the cause of the problem through testing and other diagnostic procedures prior to repairing or replacing the defective components. He or She may also be responsible for corresponding with the defective component's vendor directly if the repair requires information or parts from the vendor. They are working in repair centers may also assist customers by updating software and troubleshooting problems with applications.

Level of Education Required

Typically, an associate degree from a technical or vocational school is required to become a computer technician working in a repair center. Community and junior colleges also often offer associate degrees in computer science. Further certifications can also be acquired and can be helpful when initially looking for employment or trying to move up in the pay scale. For those working in a help desk environment, a college degree may not be required but extensive knowledge of computer systems and programs supported by the employer is necessary. Many companies may offer certification programs for specialized areas of help desk support.

Career Path

They can move up the ladder in pay scale by obtaining degrees and certifications in specialized areas of computer hardware and software repair and specific areas of support certifications. The more experience and knowledge a computer technician has in the field the more desirable they will be to an employer. Furthermore, if a computer technician wishes to advance along the career path it is crucial that they stay up to date with the fast-paced evolution within the world of computer technology. is a B2B Portal marketplace that opens virtual doors to assists buyers & sellers trade with each other at a reliable, common platform, and promotes their products to local and international markets. It has a computer hardware showcase and shopping guide of computer equipment dealers, distributors, computer hardware components suppliers, exporters, peripherals & software manufacturers, network device, notebooks/laptops, printers & scanners, ups & power supply, keyboards etc.

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