Friday, November 26, 2010

Wozjob Apple 1 sells for Nearly a Quarter of a Million USD

Wiki Photo: The Hand built Apple-1

The Apple-1 computer was hand build in Steve Wozniak's parents garage. Steve Job's came up with the idea of selling it. The Apple-1 was first demonstrated in April 1976 at the HomeBrew Computer Club in Palo Alto.

Originally, the Apple 1 sold for $500 when it was sold to a reseller 1976. It was made out of wood and was billed as the first "personal computer." The retailer marked up the Apple-1 by 33% giving it a price of $666.66.

An Apple I reportedly sold for $50,000 USD at auction in 1999, with another apparently selling in 2009 for $17,500.

Fast forward to November 2010. This same Apple I (with serial number 82) sold for $178,000 ($213,600 including the 'buyer's premium') at Christie's auction house in London , making it by far the highest price paid for this model to date, at £133,250 ($210,000).

The high value of this particular example is likely due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale rather than the computer itself; namely (and amongst others) the original packaging (with the return label showing Steve Jobs' parents address, the original Apple Computer Inc 'headquarters' being their garage), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs (answering technical questions about the computer) and the original invoice showing 'Steven' as the salesman.

Story Sources: EpochTimes, Wiki, Gather

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Record Profits For Dell Due to Increase in Demands

dell record salesOn Thursday, November 18th, Dell reported their third quarter earnings to be record breaking due to the increased demand for PCs and computer services. Despite this report from Dell, consumer revenue for the company only showed a 4 percent increase for the third quarter and is predicted to have little to no increase for the fourth quarter and holiday season.

Dell’s reports were pretty incredible, despite what consumer revenue says. They reported a net income of $822 million, which is a 144 percent increase from the same period a year ago, and $15.39 billion in revenues, which is up 19 percent from the same period a year ago.

“Our strong results demonstrate that we are listening to customers and delivering what they want,” stated Michael Dell, chief executive of Dell. “It validates that our strategy to offer choice and efficiency at every level of the IT enterprise computing stack is taking hold, and we are more focused than ever to being a true partner – not merely a provider – to our customers. Dell is growing in the right areas, and I'm very excited about our momentum."

Dell executives have said that the company has been focusing on “profit share” instead of market share when it comes to units sold. Chief financial officer Brian Gladden said, “I believe that the third quarter results demonstrate the strategy we have described to you over the past year is the correct one,” in a conference call with analysts on Thursday.

Dell’s Large Enterprise revenue came in at $4.3 billion, which is a 27 percent increase from last year, with an operating income of about $400 million (or 9.2 percent of revenue). Their Small and Medium Business revenue came in at $3.7 billion, which is a 24 percent increase, with an operating income of $391 million. Their consumer revenue came in at $3 billion, which was only a 4 percent increase, as was mentioned above. Dell said that for operating income the consumer segment improved to breaking even for the quarter, despite the “muted” consumer demand.

On Thursday Dell also announced that its new Inspiron Duo laptop was just made available for pre-order. All of these announcements come a day after the announcement that Dell communication chief Ron Garriques was leaving the company. This has caused some speculations about what will happen to Dell’s plan of creating a line of cell phones.

In the conference call though, Garriques resignation from the company was barely even addressed. The questions were focused more towards the “management changes” at Dell and the impact that the tablet industry will have on the company. Executives responded by saying that Dell’s 2011 tablet release will address “all the opportunities we see for tablets.”

Michael Dell went on to say, “We are very much in the mobile space, working very much with both Android and Windows Mobile 7 and encouraged with the development of both of those and see them as a great opportunity for us.”

Steve Felice, the president of consumer small and medium business for Dell, made an apparent reference to tablets and the general mobile space by saying, “We want to mainstream the supply chain, the sales capability, and the marketing capability. All of this is aimed to bring this more to scale in faster fashion than we normally envisioned.”

In the conference call Dell did not present any target revenues for the fourth quarter. Instead the company said, “Fourth quarter revenue is expected to track in-line to slightly up from the third quarter as commercial demand remains stable while consumer demand remains more muted.”

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Examples of Computer Hardware

Hardware is the less glamorous side of computer revolution. Both in terms of function-wise and job-wise, software gets all the credit. Everybody says, rightly, a million things about Windows, Google, Photoshop, and a number of other software programs like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, and various kinds of programming languages. But comparing to that, the praise hardware parts get is lukewarm.

Comparing to the garlands and bouquet of praise that software receives, what hardware gets is a pat on the back, which is almost an afterthought. So, what is the difference between hardware and software? Hardware is the physical electronic, electrical, magnetic components and peripherals that constitute a computer. Software is the programs needed for effectively running the computer. For effectively running software applications, one needs proper hardware components. Examples of computer hardware include components that make up the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer like motherboard, processor, hard disk, and random access memory (RAM) and peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, monitor, and modem.

The prominent among the hardware components is processor. It is an integrated chip designed for doing an unbelievably large number of functions. The processor field has been witnessing an exciting competition between two processor-manufacturing companies: Intel and AMD. The competition has served well for the customers as the two organizations always try to go one step higher than the other and succeed on most of the occasions also. When AMD launches a processor with a special feature, Intel will invariably follow it with another feature that makes the AMDs feature bleak and vice versa. The cycle goes on as the processing speed and bit rate of the processor, two features that determine the overall efficiency, move up fast.

Another example of computer hardware is motherboard. It is a custom designed electrical and electronic circuit that act as a platform for slotting in other components of the computer. It has specific slots for specific components such as processor, hard disk, RAM, network card, graphics and video card, sound card, and internal modem. The important thing is that the components should be compatible with the motherboard.

Computer has two kinds of memory: magnetically controlled permanent memory and electrically controlled temporary memory. These memory components are our next examples of computer hardware. Hard disk is the permanent memory where all the files we save on a computer are stored. RAM is the non-permanent memory, which is used for the functional memory while running the computer.

Computer peripherals are the other set of examples of computer hardware. Mouse and keyboard are the most popular among these. CD and DVD drives also are good examples. Monitor, modem, speaker, printer, and scanner all make up the world of computer hardware. Although these are less glamorous, a minor fault in these components, for example s bit of dust on RAM, can stop the functioning of all the software applications.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Change Your Life With This Computer Processor

As you strive to perfect the art of multitasking, you may have probably wished to have four hands, four eyes and maybe, even an extra brain. But you would certainly not look good, right? So let the greatest invention do the dirty work, your computer. They're made to make things easier and more convenient for you. So to get your computer going fast, check that tiny but very powerful chip hidden somewhere. Yes, the processor or microprocessor is the very thing that's accountable for your computer's efficiency.

It is considered as the brain of the computer. So if you're still thinking of acquiring an extra brain, it would certainly be best for everybody if you give it to this poor little chip. Upgrading your processor would jolt up entirely the way your computer responds. Multitasking would now live up to its name efficiently, minus the hassles of lagging and troubleshooting. So how do you literally upgrade your computer's brain? It's simple. Have it undergo a surgery and have the cloned-brain of Bill gates in chip, replace your pitiful processor. Nah, just kidding. The best thing probably is getting the faster processor for your computer. When you say fast, you would mean the speed. And since computers don't necessarily run, you would probably look at the processor's frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster it is.

One of the most reputable brands when it comes to computers, is AMD. AMD is known for their lifelong commitment in keeping their consumers happy and satisfied. The customers always come first mantra is dearly held by this company.

Many that's why they stay long in the business as they provide quality products and services. And just this year, techie freaks were in awe when the fastest AMD processor was launched in the market. It has a frequency of 3.2 GHz when operated on its complete six-cores. However, this AMD processor is equipped with the latest Turbo CORE technology, where it can shift the frequency to an amazing 3.6 GHz on just three-cores. This makes it the fastest processor there is in the market. is a B2B Portal marketplace that opens virtual doors to assists buyers & sellers trade with each other at a reliable, common platform, and promotes their products to local and international markets. It has a computer hardware showcase and shopping guide of computer equipment dealers, distributors, computer hardware components suppliers, exporters, peripherals & software manufacturers, network device, notebooks/laptops, printers & scanners, ups & power supply, keyboards etc.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

HP Will Be Paying Out $16.25 M in Settlement

hp fraud
HP is a very well-known technological name, but the company is really not having the best of years so far in 2010. It’s not their sales numbers or their products; it’s something very different that they had complete control over. On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that HP will be paying out $16.25 million in order to settle e-rate fraud charges.

The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission say that contractors for HP “wined and dined” certain Dallas public school officials so that they would be able to obtain insider information that would assist them in winning competitive e-rate contracts from the school system. These contracts are a government program that work to fund Internet connections in public schools and libraries.

Now, HP’s contractors did more than just take workers from the Dallas Independent School District and the Houston Independent School District out to dinner or something like that. These contractors bought the school officials lavish gifts that included things like yacht trips and tickets to the 2004 Super Bowl. All of these gifts helped HP to secure the contracts that they wanted. These contracts included more than $17 million worth of HP equipment. The government was tipped off about HP’s dealings with the school districts. This prompted the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission’s investigation of the allegations.

As a result of HP’s dealings and of the Federal Communication Commission’s investigations, they will be paying out $16.25 million. The FCC says that most of the money will be returned to the e-rate program. They have also said that in the future they will make sure that HP follows all of the e-rate requirements so that this does not happen again.

"The FCC's compliance agreement with HP ensures that HP will train its employees thoroughly on the FCC's gift and other e-rate rules and provides for audits of HP's e-rate business," said the general counsel of the FCC, Austin Schlick. "If HP fails to monitor its e-rate activities closely and abide by e-rate program requirements, it will face substantial penalties."

HP said that they have now dismissed all of the contractors that broke the rules concerning the e-rate contract. “HP requires that all employees and partners adhere to lawful and ethical business practices," stated the company. "The activities at the center of this investigation occurred more than five years ago, the partner relationships have been terminated, and the employees involved are no longer with the company." They also added, “HP fully cooperated with the authorities, and the matter is now resolved.”

The chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, said, “Broadband is key to our children's 21st century education. That's why one of the FCC's top priorities is making sure e-rate works to benefit students and libraries. Today's settlement shows the extensive efforts of the FCC and DOJ to protect the e-rate program from waste, fraud, and abuse, and to deter misconduct in the future."

The FCC edited the e-rate program slightly in September so that there would be no misunderstandings or abuses concerning the rules about soliciting or receiving gifts within the program. They also added a few rules to make sure that the bidding process was completely fair for everyone that is involved.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Difference Between Your Computer Hardware And Software

The earlier you understand how your computer works the better for you, so in this case, one needs to know the difference between the computer hardware and software. The hardware and the software works together to achieve a good result. With the help of hardware and software together in a computer system you can perform the wide variety of functions possible on your personal system.

The computer hardware are mainly the physical aspect of the computer, those things you can touch and feel, like the motherboard and all the things that are connected to it (cd-Rom, Ram, Hard disk, floppy disk, power unit ), keyboard, mouse etc. The computer hardware always determines the operating system to be installed in it.

The computer software are what puts the hardware to work. The operating system is one of the computer software. Example of the operating system is WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, WINXP etc.

An operating system is a set of program or instructions written to control the computer and provide a common interface for users to interact with the system components. An operating system interact directly with the BIOS (basic input output system) to provide you with standard and consistent access to the computer devices. It also controls different computer processes, such as running an application program or accessing information from the computer memory. One of the important process is interpreting commands, enabling the user to communicate with the computer, some of these commands interpreters are text oriented, requiring commands to be typed in or to be selected via function keys on a keyboard.

So with the help of an operating system in your computer, other software can now be able to install. Such software is what we used in doing our daily works.

Microsoft word: used for writing of letters, report and any other document.

Graphic software: software used for designing like, greeting card, invitation card etc.

Microsoft excel: for calculation.

There are other numerous software that you can install in your computer depending on what you are doing with the computer system. With the help of this article, we will understand the different between computer hardware and software and what they does in a computer system.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Basic Computer Hardware and Software - How it Works

In this modern computer age it is important to have at least some understanding of basic computer hardware and software. Granted it's not necessary to have a complete and total understanding of just what makes your computer tick it is perhaps wise to grasp some of the concepts. So let's take a look "under the hood" shall we?

First up on our journey is the hardware side of things. A computer consists of many different parts all of which need to be in working order for it to run properly. But here's the great thing about modern computers: you don't really need to know what all those little chips, resistors, etc. actually do. In fact, just a basic understanding of the computer hardware can allow you to fix a multitude of problems that might arise. Computers these days are divided into several major components - some of which can even be replaced without great difficulty.

First up is the most important part of your computer - the mother board. This is the "brain" of your computer. Also on the motherboard you can find your RAM (that stands for "Random Access Memory"). These are long "sticks" basically held in place by two plastic clips. If you're experiencing computer troubles you could try replacing these modules with new units to see if that fixes things. Or if you want that new PC game to run just a bit faster, adding more RAM to your computer might do the trick.

You might find a video card attached to your motherboard as well - this is the device that handles the complex mathematical calculations needed to create 3D environments in computer games. Usually though if you're not a gamer you don't need to worry about this one.

Another major hardware component is called the Hard Drive - this is what stores all your word documents, programs, etc. Upgrading this device by either replacing it or adding an additional one allows you to store more files.

We can now turn our attention to the software side of things. Some basic software you might want to consider installing is an office suite (MS Office for example or the free which allows you to create professional word documents, power point presentations, and even keep track of financial information (your budget for example).

Of course another important software program is an Internet browser (allowing you to "surf" the web). If you have a Windows PC then you should have Internet Explorer (which comes pre-installed) or feel free to take a gander at FireFox - another free web browser (which works on the Mac too)

So there you have it - a short and sweet guide to basic computer hardware and software. This article should by no means be the end of your journey though! If you're still interested in the topics presented in this article a simple Google search (using your favorite Internet browser!) should answer just about any question you have. is a B2B Portal marketplace that opens virtual doors to assists buyers & sellers trade with each other at a reliable, common platform, and promotes their products to local and international markets. It has a computer hardware showcase and shopping guide of computer equipment dealers, distributors, computer hardware components suppliers, exporters, peripherals & software manufacturers, network device, notebooks/laptops, printers & scanners, ups & power supply, keyboards etc.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Wireless Solar Keyboard from Logitech

solar keyboard from logitech
Logitech is a Swiss peripheral device manufacturer that makes PC accessories including keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers, and webcams. They also produce home and computer speakers, headphones, wireless audio devices, and audio devices for MP3 players and mobile phones. The newest innovation in their computer peripheral department is the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

This keyboard brings together all of the latest technology. It features integrated solar panels on the top of the keyboard that collect the power for the K750 so that you can use it without batteries or power cords inside or outside of the office. Logitech has made the incredible claim that when the keyboard is fully charged it can last for up to three months in a pitch black room.

The keyboard has a very sleek design. It is mostly black, except for the slim white frame, and is about one-third of an inch thick. The keys were designed in the chiclet style and have an extremely comfortable feel. The keyboard features an on/off switch that allows you to conserve power when you aren’t utilizing the K750. There also is an indicator light that lets you know when the charge of the keyboard is getting low.

Logitech includes their Unifying Receiver with the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. It is a thumbnail USB device that gives you the ability to use your keyboard wirelessly. The receiver also features the special ability to sync up to six Logitech peripherals with the one USB device. Another great feature is the solar power app that will allow K750 users to install a lux meter that will measure ambient light levels and the battery life of the keyboard. This app will be available to download on November 15th.

The Wireless Solar Keyboard from Logitech is not shipping yet, but it is available for pre-order. The keyboard will be shipping a little later this month and will cost $79.99. I think that this keyboard is awesome. It’s incredible that when charged the keyboard can last up to three months. Also, wireless really means more convenient to me, which is important. I think that this solar keyboard will definitely be a hit. This is a great keyboard from a great company.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Computer Parts

For some people, a computer that is pre built isn't the answer to what they want or need. A graphic designer will require something that takes into account computer parts that are heavily geared toward graphic design, such as a more full featured graphics card and a vast amount of RAM, while the games tester may want something that will offer a powerful 3 dimensional card and a far more powerful audio setup.

This means that using a service such as the popular companies to build your computer may cost a great deal more for your PC. Building your own computer keeps your costs down and improves the odds that you get something which is built to your specifications and has the operating system that you want, rather than the one which is auto-installed onto their brand of computer.

Building a computer from scratch is among the most interesting and unique hobbies that you can take up. It has the added benefit of getting you precisely what you want from your computer and offering you the chance to customize every aspect of the process.

Most computers that you will buy offer you a minimal amount of things like RAM, hard drive space and DVD or CD Roms. Building your own PC or custom computer will net you the exact items that you want and need and get you the precise operating system that you want. It is probably the best way to give you the most bang for your computing dollar.

Computer parts are relatively low cost these days. In fact, if you know where to look, you may be able to get a great many of them donated to you by companies who are trying to find green or eco friendly ways of disposing of their older computers. Most of them are really not terribly outdated or otherwise in bad shape. Most of the computer parts that you may need can realistically be gleaned from other, or older computers.

This is particularly true if you receive them from companies who try to keep state of the art computers with them at all times. Generally what is donated will be easy to use and the computer parts, hardware, and other components will still be very viable so far as what is commonplace for use, since larger companies tend to replace their computers about every year.

For those who want their computer parts to be literally state of the art, the best place to get them will be at some of the discounted supply parts stores online. Purchasing your computer parts hardware online nets you a much better price, and the ability to put together your own custom machine for your use.

Building a computer from older computer parts may also be done for others. A great way to assure that an older family member has a computer is to solicit donations of outmoded computers and then use those computer parts hardware to rebuild other PC's which are donated to older residents in your community or given to underprivileged children. is a B2B Portal marketplace that opens virtual doors to assists buyers & sellers trade with each other at a reliable, common platform, and promotes their products to local and international markets. It has a computer hardware showcase and shopping guide of computer equipment dealers, distributors, computer hardware components suppliers, exporters, peripherals & software manufacturers, network device, notebooks/laptops, printers & scanners, ups & power supply, keyboards etc.

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